Call Delilah's Singing Telegrams for fun personalized singing telegrams, bellygrams, birthday singing telegrams and singagrams in NYC.  Delilah's Singing Telegrams services Manhattan and New York City with reasonable rates for singing telegram entertainment.
Send a fun singing telegram, birthday singing telegram, bellydancing bellygram or comedy singagram for memorable singing telegram entertainment in New York.
Delilah offers personalized local singing telegrams, bellygrams, singagrams and birthday singing telegrams in Manhattan and New York City at reasonable rates.
Delilah's Singing Telegrams create lasting memories with birthday singing telegrams, belly dance bellygrams, romantic singing telegrams, funny singing telegrams and dance grams.
Delilah is a professional belly dancer who can do belly dancing singing telegrams, bellygrams and belly gram entertainment.  A short belly dance show is included with the singing telegram, where the birthday guest becomes a sultan.
A clown singing telegram is a fun singogram for birthday telegram entertainment.  The clown singing telegram includes a customized balloon hat and balloon twisting.

Singing Telegrams

Bellydance Bellygrams


Leave a message on the voicemail and Delilah Singing Telegrams will call you right back.


Surprise a friend with a birthday singing telegram! Delight your partner with a romantic singing telegram! Embarrass your boss with a bellygram, i.e. belly dance singing telegram, or a gorilla singing telegram! Celebrate a retirement party with a funny singing telegram a.k.a singagram or singogram. Delilah's Singing Telegrams guarantee a memorable experience for both the victim--opps, I mean the recipient--and the people at the event. Delilah's Singing Telegrams can be performed at the office, restaurant, home or party site in Manhattan or New York City.

See below for a wide range of available singing telegrams, or you can make a special request for a singing telegram. Singing Telegram entertainment includes comedy improvisation that suits the singing telegram character chosen, several songs appropriate for the occasion plus a card with your special message. Personalized lyrics for the singing telegram can be written about the person for a small additional fee.

Delilah's singing telegrams also include a balloon crown made specifically for the honored guest of the singing telegram, which adds further entertainment plus great photos for special singing telegram entertainment.

Hire a belly dancer for a belly gram, a belly dancing singing telegram, aka bellygram.  This NYC office hired a bellydance birthday singing telegram to surprise their boss. Send a comedy singing telegram for a surprise birthday entertainment.  This is a Wonder Woman singing telegram in NYC.
Surprise a loved one with a romantic singing telegram or birthday singing telegram at their office, home or party in NYC.  This singing telegram was a valentines day singing telegram.

Belly Dance singing telegram

Wonder Woman singing telegram

Embarras your boss with a belly dance singing telegram, bellygram

A funny sexy birthday singing telegram for the man in your life

Pink Heart singing telegram

Send a romantic singing telegram on Valentines Day or send a loving birthday singing telegram

A Hula dancer singing telegram is a fun birthday singing telegram.  Hula dancing singing telelgrams includes hula dancing entertainment.  Here is Delilah performing a hula dance singing telegram in nyc. Send a glamourous singing telegram with a personalized birthday singing telegram and message.  Delilah is dressed up for her glamour girl singogram.
A french maid singing telegram is a fun way to clean in nyc!  Lots of comedy entertainment in this funny birthday singing telegram, where Delilah is dressed as a french maid.

Hula Dance singing telegram

Glamour Gal singing telegram

A Hula dance singing telegram for birthday entertainment in NYC.

A glamourous birthday singing telegram with a touch of class

French Maid Singing Telegram

Ooh la la! Send over a French Maid for a funny singing telegram

A Carmen Miranda singing telegram is a fun birthday singing telegram.  Delilah is dressed as Carmen Miranda and shakes her maracas for this singogram in nyc. A great way to cheer up a sick or hospitalized friend with a personalized Elmo singing telegram.  An elmo birthday singing telegram is fun for children too!
Kids enjoy a Carmen Miranda singing telegram in NYC as much as their mother does for this birthday singing telegram.  Delilah makes balloon animals for the kids as well as a balloon crown for the singing telegram entertainment.

Carmen Miranda singing telegram

Elmo character singing telegram

A Carmen Miranda singing telegram for tropical birthday entertainment

A funny Elmo singing telegram will cheer up a sick patient in New York

Carmen Miranda singing telegram

Mom and her kids all enjoyed a Carmen Miranda singogram.

Send a gorilla singing telegram for a singing telegram experience your friend or boss will never forget!  Delilah is dressed up as a friendly gorilla for this funny birthday singing telegram in manhattan. A gorilla singing telegram will provide great photos for a birthday singing telegram they will never forget!  Delilah surprises a mom with this gorilla singing telegram.  Delilah makes a balloon hat for the birthday gal.
A gypsy fortune teller will predict the future in this personalized singing telegram.  Delilah is dressed as a gypsy fortuneteller for this birthday singing telegram in nyc.

Gorilla character singing telegram

Gypsy fortuneteller singing telegram

Gorilla character singing telegram

Surprise someone with a funny gorilla birthday singing telegram

A fortune teller can tell your fortune with a psychic singing telegram in nyc

No one can keep a straight face with a gorilla singing telegram

A gentleman sent Delilah as a pink heart singing telegram to apologize for boorish behavior.  Tell your special person you love them with a romantic pink heart singing telegram.  Great for valentines day singing telegram entertainment.
Roommates get to share the fun of a singing telegram with customized balloon hats.  Birthday singing telegrams are a great way to say happy birthday!
Send in the clowns with a clown singing telegram!  A clown singogram includes a customized balloon birthday crown and other balloon animal twisting.

Romantic Heart Singagram

Balloon Hats Singogram

Clown Singing Telegram

Tell someone you love them with a pink heart singing telegram

Roommate gets balloon hat too with fun singing telegram

Send a happy clown singing telegram and get balloons too


Birthday Singing Telegram, Belly grams

Many occasions warrant a singing telegram, including birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, engagement parties, any type of party! Whenever you have a message to deliver, a singing telegram or bellygram makes it more fun. Don't say it when a professional entertainer can sing it for a lasting lifetime memory. Singing telegrams are guaranteed to be memorable event.

Bring your cameras and capture the thrill of a birthday singing telegram or belly gram (belly dancer singing telegram). If you can't be there, Delilah can take a digital photo at the singing telegram and email it to you.

Delilah is a professional singer/dancer/entertainer with years of experience in singing telegrams and party entertainment. Very affordable prices for Manhattan and New York City. So order a custom tailored singing telegram of the highest quality for a special person in your life.

Delilah Singing Telegrams 212-501-4828

Serving New York City, NY, Manhattan, NYC

Delilah's singing telegrams, bellygrams, singograms and birthday singing telegram entertainment is a great way to surprise a friend or boss in New York City.
Delilah's magic shows and singing telegrams guarantee fun birthday party entertainment in NYC. Hire a belly dancer for a bellygram or belly dancing singing telegram.   Delilah performs birthday belly gram singing telegrams in New York dressed as a belly dancer and does a short bellydance show before the personalized singing telegram. A hula dancer can provide fun singing telegram entertainment with a short hula dance show.  Delilah dresses up as a Hawaiian hula dancer for birthday singing telegrams in NY. Send a Flamenco dancer for a birthday singing telegram or singogram in NYC.  Delilah can dress up as a flamenco dancer and play her castenets for a unique singing telegram. Get in shape with a dancing singing telegram or belly gram or belly dance birthday singing telegram. Surprise a friend or boss with a dance birthday singing telegram, including a bellygram, belly dancing singing telegram, hula dance singing telegram or flamenco dancer singogram. Send a birthday singing telegram to a child for a birthday surprise they will never forget.  Clown singing telegrams or elmo singing telegram is fun childrens singing telegram entertainment. Delilah's Singing Telegrams has provided birthday singing telegrams, bellygrams, belly dance singing telegrams, singograms and singing telegram entertainment for many years in Manhattan and New York City. Contact Delilah's Singing Telegrams in New York City at 212-501-4828.
Delilah offers singing telegrams, belly dancer belly grams, singagrams and birthday singing telegram entertainment in Manhattan and New York City.

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